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Re: Baines
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Mate of mine sits in the Paddock, just before the halfway, Gwladdy end, says heís watched Baines a few times getting offered a pass but will hold his hand out as if to say nah, donít want it, or when he does get it heís always laying it back inside. Whether itís options going forward or he feels he just canít do it any more...

I sit in the Upper Bullens and I'd say the opposite. Some of the most common topics of conversation where I sit over the last 2 years have been

(1) The amount of times Baines is in space on the left with his hands up calling for the ball and the ball is played over the other side
(2) When Baines gets the ball on the half way line there is never anyone available in front of him to pass to. Thats why he always plays it inside or back

He's lost a little bit of pace, can still play though.
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