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Author Topic: Everton vs Apollon Limassol  (Read 31848 times)

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Re: Everton vs Apollon Limassol
« on: September 29, 2017, 04:39:17 AM »
With Martinez he had to go, but at least you knew Everton would attack, he had attacking principles, but his defensive priorities were non existent. With Koeman I can't work out how he wants our team to play, we have no attacking cohesion at all, our defence is poor really the way it's looking, we have to score 3 goals to win a match most of the time. But I can not ever see us scoring 3 goals. The players don't seem to know what formation / tactics we are supposed to be playing. We improved slightly with the introduction  of some pace.
But household names like Rooney, Sigurdsson can't seem to put a pass  together. Sandro, Klassen are totally devoid of confidence. We are becoming a laughing stock under Koeman, this year we were supposed to push on, but it's not just the results but the performances have been nothing short of pathetic.
He sets up negative then slags the team off for having no aggression...the mans a Balloon
I still despise Clive Thomas..

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