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Author Topic: not an easy question to ask..  (Read 4676 times)

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Re: not an easy question to ask..
« on: September 25, 2017, 10:31:42 PM »
In the past i've just parked in side streets, but i was thinking of parking at Stanley Park,  says its a 25 min walk, but it doesnt look like it on Google,

Toddacelli, fancy comeing along? I can pick you up :d

Lol, i can take abuse, im pretty cheeky too, but i need to stay out of trouble.. To me its more of an issue of being on my own and walking through the area. lol :s
It's deffo not 25 minutes from Stanley park, it's not even that from my house, if you're parking there and walking over though man you'll be with a bucket load of blue anyway so you will be sound, oh and it's not you that get the abuse from me just the people you meet hahah
It's the roll I way

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