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Re: Bolasie
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i said this in the Bournemath game thread, but it amuses me (and other GENUINE Yannick fans) how many lads on here, not talking about Mikey here, who suddendly are heralding the return of Yannick like a returning God! Before his injury the VAST majority of comment on here was negative, he was getting flak for all sorts, from poor delivery, waste of money, to one lad blaming him for James Comey re-opening Hillarys email file
Similarly pre Seamus injury you had lads here saying he wasn't half the player he used to be, saying we needed to start Holgate/Garbutt/Kenny etc etc
Much like if Morgan/Gylfi or Sandro were to get injured tomorrow and were coming back in 6 months time everyone would say we missed them terribly and it was great for them to be back, where as right now, the same lads are as popular around these parts as a dose of the clap!

There's an old saying, mate. "You don't realise what you've got, until Cuco Martina is your only option for width" And In this instance, I think it's incredibly poignant.

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