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Re: McCarthy
« on: October 06, 2017, 05:29:14 PM »
Ditto bud, Like Giroud, and you only seeing Koemans inadequacies until til a few games ago.

are you saying that McCarthy would have been any worse than Schneiderlin? who has been one of our worst players so far this season? I'm not saying start him every match, just stated we could have used him.

how do you feel when established members agree with me?

Nah I actually wanted Koeman gone last year.

My argument was that I think more upheaval would be even worse. The seasons gone so let him steady the ship and see if he can turn it around, because I don't 100% trust that we'll hire well.

But I cba with that anymore like and I just want a change.

And yes McCarthy would of course be worse than Schneiderlin, it's more worthwhile to either stick with him until he can get form, or drop him and play someone who hasn't been a total whisper of a player for the past 3 years when we needed him most.
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