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Author Topic: money ?  (Read 1758 times)

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Re: money ?
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Deduction really.

General concensus is the "going rate" for sleeve deals is 20% of main sponsorship. (Google can help you check that)
Elstone said SportsPesa & USM were paying a combined 75m over 5 years
Elstone said our new shirt sponsorship was a "three-fold" increase of the previous one
The previous one was 16m.
So the assumption is we're getting circa 9.6m per annum (16m times 3, but over 5 years) for main sponsor
20% of 9.6m = 1.92m

Next question,  if a Koppite starts walking from their ground to the (Moshiri owned) Liver Building at 4mph, an Evertonian cycles from Goodsion to BM Dock at 7mph and a Tranmere fan sails over the river at 9 knots plus a following wind where did the Arteta money go?
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