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Author Topic: [News]Rooney : We’re still finding our feet  (Read 2868 times)

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Re: [News]Rooney : We're still finding our feet
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It's not all negative with Rooney, but when a team is set up to almost flow through a certain player (see the England team, and us to an extent) it doesn't work if that player isn't up to carrying that burden, and Rooney just isn't that level of player anymore.

When does it not become a coincidence that every side he's played in within the last few years has been so truly insipid and slow in the attack?

THIS.  I don't know if when Rooney is on the pitch, the players feel like they have to defer to him, Rooney sucks up all the oxygen, whatever - we don't have much of a sample size, but we flowed when he came off last weekend, and it was the same old shite against the 8th-position Cypriate side midweek.

Rooney has more physically than I expected, but he doesn't play within himself (the new self, which he's been for quite some time now), or seem like he is willing to learn.  In a complementary role, he could and should be very good.  Rotational forward in a 4-4-2 with DCL, Sandro, and Niasse.

But no, we've got to help him show United they were wrong.
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