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Author Topic: So What Needs To Change?  (Read 1552 times)

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Re: So What Needs To Change?
« on: September 29, 2017, 04:08:54 PM »
It's quite a complicated issue I reckon. It's a mixture of circumstances, the manager and the players so a lot needs to change.

The recruitment doesn't look great at this point and there are big gaps in the squad. And while people often dismiss it I do think we're struggling with the fixture pileup brought on by the EL. There's not enough time to prepare tactically for each game. Last night we played a diamond. A very specific system, new to the players, and it didn't start working until the second half. It's hard to drill it in to the players in a few days.

The manager needs to decide on a balanced system or two and hammer it in to the players. I feel we do need to rotate players due to the number of games we have but we don't need to change the shape from game-to-game as it's confusing. We need to pick a settled back four though and some players have to play because we're better when they're in the team. Keep Sandro and Klaassen for the EL as they're struggling to adapt.

The players also need to grow a fucking set. They're either really low on confidence, which I would put down to our recent run of form and the confusing tactics rather than man-management, or they're not playing for the manager. In each case I want to know why. If they've given up that's the second time in recent years so they really need to stop being so precious and do their jobs.

I wouldn't be arsed to see him go but I'm not sure who we could get. Tuchel's style of football with some of our players is a scary thought and I'm not sure how many in-work managers would consider an offer this early in to the season

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