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Author Topic: Everton v Burnley  (Read 43883 times)

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Re: Everton v Burnley
« on: October 01, 2017, 05:22:02 PM »
We can't be making an effort ourselves now can we! It has been different at Goodison. Everton are "we", players, fans. If we think we may be able to help then we should try, not just sit there thinking we're the King with his jester.

I know all this about they get paid loads, but we play against teams who also get paid loads, so that's cancelled out. Plus we know this before we go the match. We hurt just the same when we lose as I'm sure fans did in the 19th Century when the players were on their wages then.
I didn't mean that to be turned into a rant sorry.
You're right it hasn't always been like this. Sadly I think it's partly down to a modern culture of believing we have a right that everything should be done for us and done instantly.
It's not just Everton though, it's there throughout football.
Hypocrisy by fans everywhere is both an annoyance and an endless source of amusement.
We need to spend the money. Well, so long as it isn't mine.
Sky is ruining football, I know I watch Sky every day.
The media is crap,  I know that as well because I buy it.
You can't believe a f***ing  thing you read in the papers. Koeman should be sacked , The Daily Mail said Messi liked Merseyside and we didn't pick up on it.
TV pundit says we need a centre forward. Never says a good word about us the bellend.

There's a whole new thread in here somewhere.

Back on topic (other) people need to make a noise and create atmosphere.

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