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Match Ratings V Apollon
« on: September 29, 2017, 05:18:25 PM »

Pickford -  5 -  He did ok, dont think he could have done anything for either goal, He could have got the defence to line up higher for the second goal, I feel like he could have caught, done better with a few of the long range shots, he just seemed to parry them back out in to danger, but they went to our players.

Kenny     -   6  -  Ok in defense,  didnt really attack until the second half, he needs someone to do 1-2's with so he can get in behind, but due to koemans formation/setup. He has no one to interact with, couple of decent crosses in the second half when DCL came on, I guess thats cos there was actually someone in the box to aim at, really a waste of time Kenny even attacking if we have no one in the box for him to deliver too, Koeman gets points knocked off for this.

Baines    -   6   -  Made some solid tackles and interceptions, was one of our best attacking outlets, did some nice work with Davies when Davies was moved on to the left wing.. So many times Baines was free, hands up, no one passing to him.. half the section i was in, kept raising our arms in the first half trying to get Schneiderlin or Siggy or Rooney to spot him. but nope, Baines had his head in his hands/hips so many times frustrated at the lack of ball time.

William   -  3   -  Yes 3, He is a lot worse in real life, than i give him credit for... I can only recall one positive defensive piece of play and that was in the second half when he robbed the ball off one of their attackers on the half way line. I know he made a run in the first half into the oppositions penalty area, but your a fucking defender, so many mistakes.. i counted atleast 8, then I gave up counting.. Literally everyone around me was dreading he was going to make  another costly error.

Holgate  -  6  - Played well,  Pretty composed even having Williams next to him, confident to bring the ball out, good timing on his challanges.

Gana-Gueye  -  5   - Due to Koeman playing him on the right hand side of midfield, which is not his position,. and  koeman playing 2 fucking defensive midfielders against third rate opposition,  Did a lot more than Schneiderlin. but still too much passing back, due to Koemans formation of having no outlets.

Schneiderlin  -   5  -  seriously, who the fuck are you? where is the real MS??? so negative, apprehensive, even if he has space and time in front of him., he will let the ball roll behind him, and either go back or start to go forward or sideways even so slowly... We only need one defensive midfielder, Koemans fault again, I guess he thought Apollon where on Chelsea/Man City levels so we needed 2 defensive midfielders.

Davies  -   6   -  Killing our most effective midfielder by playing him out of position for the entire match, right wing. then left wing,, Davies is not a winger!! He's one of Englands best young box to box midfielders, Yes he had an off night, some of his passing was terrible, especially in the second half, but he was always getting into the box even with out the ball, but he isnt a fucking striker. Thank you Koeman again

Siggy -   5    - 45 million LOL, dont recall him doing anything besides the flick for Vlasic and a volley that he hit on the turn, Probably would get higher if he and Rooney didnt occupy the same areas, lots of times he was the main striker in the box/furthest forward, same issue as Davies; not a striker.

Rooney -  5 - If it wasnt for his goal, He would have had 4, Disgraceful how he drops off, leaving us with no outball, or striker You can not play Rooney and Sandro, both players go looking for the ball dropping deeper and deeper, leaving the oppositions defense with no one to mark. no threat, waste of a position.

Sandro -  4  -  want to give him higher, expected a lot more than he has offered, Wish we actually played him in a 2, so he can go for a walk about(as he likes to stay outside the box, or shoot from outside the box) but he needs a foil ie DCL, but other than that, he looked downhearted a lot, Koeman is killing the confidence of a lot of our players by playing them i nthe wrong positions/not to their strengths.

Vlasic -   7 and a half - Easily MOTM  why didnt Koeman start with him? Cant Koeman see we need outlets? and he is one who can carry the ball, an had some awesome skills, Way above everyone else on the pitch, cant wait to see more of him.

DCL   -  6  -  The match changed when he came on, we had an outlet, we stretched the pitch, Rooney could drop off and we still had someone up top!! I know he missed the chance at the end, but that would have papered over the cracks and issues, if DCL had played all game, the match would have been a lot different and a lot less negative. (as we would have had a player stretching their back line)

Klaassen  -  4   - Koemans being sayings he's off form,  that he needs time. Klaassen was not the right player to bring on, he looked timid, even scared to touch the ball, just pathetic easy square balls, not even running with the ball.. His confidence looks shot, like a lot of our players, All down to Koeman for not utalising his players correctly.

Koeman fucking -1-  Due to, him saying before the match ' I will play my strongest team' that was not your strongest team. no where near, playing Davies as a winger. playing 2 holding midfielders cos we're playing real madrid, setting up negatively and passively., not having any wide players or outlets, playing 3 players who play as number tens, (leaving no main striker and no way of any of our players to get the ball forwards quickly) for playing Rooney and Sandro, surely he seems them in training every day and see's them drop off, He must have known we'd have no central striker.. he;s the fucking manager,. if everyone at Goodison could see it. surely he could!!!
Most of all for blaming the players for being fucking scared.. no you idiot. your scared, setting up with players in the wrong positions, 2 defensive midfielders, his negativity has rubbed off on to our players, they have no outlets, no wonder their going to pass backwards and sideways. Worst of all., 10 matches in and he hasnt even fucking noticed this.
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