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Author Topic: Match Ratings V Apollon  (Read 1547 times)

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Re: Match Ratings V Apollon
« on: September 29, 2017, 05:41:44 PM »
Davies played well in the first half, He was moved all over the place, still didnt give up, wasnt afraid to get the ball and move it forwards, lots of times when Rooney and Sandro dropped off, He was the furthest player forwards. he got a 6 for still making those runs/ getting into dangerous positions. Yes he tired as the match went on, but i wont just rate him on the bad passes, i rate him on his over all performance.

4 for Klaassen, cos he seemed like bambi in headlights, he didnt get forwards, he did basic side passes to a player who was literally 2 metres away. he took no responsibility, If Davies kept passing to the closest player with backpasses, he wouldnt have mis placed a pass. but he also wouldnt have got a 6.

I don't think TD played particularly well in the first half but I did appreciate that he didn't go into hiding when he started playing really poorly in the second. He's a young and very talented player who will occasionally have bad games. I wouldn't put that second half performance down to tiredness though. I'm not having a go at Davies, but find it hard to see how Klaassen is a 4 when he didn't do too much wrong. Ratings below a 5 should be reserved for genuinely woeful performances.

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