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Author Topic: Kroenke buying Usmanov's shares  (Read 4583 times)

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Re: Kroenke buying Usmanov's shares
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Why shouldnít the stadium moves be used to criticise kenwright. Thatís like me asking a bird if she fancies me but demanding she ignores the fact Iím fat and ugly. Itís a key consideration.
I did quite clearly state that it hadn't all been rosy and that there had been mistakes made and failures during his tenure. It just seems that the haters are simply too blinkered to look beyond the failed Stadium moves and see that the club has moved forward in other ways.
did he have the foresight or any of the boards he was involved in to buy up land around GP to build a bigger footprint. The likes of spurs/United/Chelsea/Liverpool have all done that. Instead they have let Goodison Park to fall to into a state unacceptable level of disrepair. They couldnít even build the annexe because of the interesting way he was funding the club.
Did Peter Johnson have the foresight to build a new Park End stand that was capable of being extended in the future? That stand was funded mostly from FA grants to bring clubs into line with the all-seated stadia ruling. The club were given some options at the time and Mr Park Foods went for the cheapest option that was pretty much fully funded because he didn't want to spend any cash on it. He also had plans to put the away fans right up in the very corner of the top balcony, out of the way. Now that would have been fun wouldn't it? Yeah, Peter Johnson was a genius.
You mentioned Liverpool buying up land. Any idea how long that took, and how much assistance they needed from the local authority to get that done? Any idea how much discontent it caused in the area around the stadium? Liverpool were also redeveloping bits of their stadium long before BK took the reins at Everton, so perhaps you should also be aiming your vitriol in this respect at previous custodians of Everton Football Club. For instance, what was formerly the Kemlyn Road stand at the shit-pit is now 25 years old. Built in 1992, hence the "Centenary Stand".
no matter how you look at it the kings dock is a far superior location for a football stadium than bramley moor. Donít forget how bill lied to us about having the money for this (£30m, yes £30 fucking million pounds). We would have been in there in 2005/6 I think. So 12 years of stadium revenue missed out on. Itís proximity to the city center, itís ease of access from all directions, it would have been the new heartbeat of the city. Also donít forget how he chased Paul gregg out because he was going to borrow the money, borrowed the money anyway on a ridiculous mortgage and bought us some pretty blue pebbles
Is it really? I  take it that you don't ever venture along the surrounding routes when there's a concert on for 9000 people. Now take that chaos and multiply by six, then add in the normal city centre shoppers on a typical Saturday afternoon and you may just reconsider that comment. This time around with the Bramley More Dock, there are already massive plans in place for infrastructure around the development that were happening anyway because of the multi-billion pounds worth of investment that Peel holdings have been working on attracting into this area as part of their Peel Waters project. Not only does this impact the Liverpool City region, but will also have a massive impact on South Sefton and will potentially see hundreds of millions of pounds worth of investment attracted to Bootle, which is in dire need of development. Sefton Council have already rendered their vision for Sefton 2030 and much of this is based upon the development of the dock area spilling into South Sefton. Everton building a stadium on the dock is merely a catalyst to bring some of the already planned development along. This time around, it would seem that everybody has done their homework and can see that a move to Bramley More will bring Everton a shiny new home, with additional revenue and will deliver benefits to North Liverpool and South Sefton. I don't  believe that similar plans were in place already for Kings Dock.
Then we have the totally unacceptable situation of Kirkby. The lies about it being free, the taking us out of the city boundary. The lies about GP safety certificates. He was going to destroy the foundations of this club All for a potential 5/6m a year extra
The "lies about GP safety certificates, I wouldn't be shouting too loud about tbh. I have a sneaking suspicion that there are more and more compromises reached with the council every year to get that safety certificate through. We have wooden stands on one side of the ground and a stand that is far too steep to pass current building regs on the other side, along with the other issues that go with a pretty old structure and you think the council just come along and tick the box every year? I'm pretty sure that the club have to spend an absolute fuck-ton of cash every year on maintenance and repairs just to get GP through the Safety Certificate, so I think that calling it lies is possibly a little strong tbh.
Leading us to the disastrous, and also apparantly free new stadium. Not worth commenting any further on tbh.
Why on earth would you not use this as a stick to beat him with?
I was not too keen on the idea of a non-descript Tesco box on the middle of Kirkby either. The area where I live is not really my idea of paradise either, but it's where I can afford to live. Sometimes we all have to cut our cloth to suit our finances. I don't disagree that there were failings where the Kirkby project was concerned, but I also think that Tesco were just as culpable as Everton in this regard.
He allowed Phil green to become an integral part of the club, he gave him control all because he stayed as the figurehead. Years of financial mismanagement lead to that situation, and more followed it.

David moyes had to sell a promising young player once to cover the repair/relaying of the pitch. Had years of negative net spend because kenwrights inability to generate funds, coupled with increasing and crippling repayment on wongaesque loans and the blue pebble mortgage.

Bill kenwright took this club to the brink of administration more than once. To a position that the club could only operate with loans from shady high interest year to year borrowing.
His legacy is one of abstract failure.
The club's financial mismanagement was there long before BK took over. The previous custodians had fucked Everton's finances over good and proper long before BK took the helm. You don't pull a business out of financial shit in a day. It can take years.

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