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Author Topic: Are Everton headed for a relegation battle?  (Read 7104 times)

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Re: Are Everton headed for a relegation battle?
« on: October 30, 2017, 12:50:54 AM »
I think part of Unsworth's problem right now is he's tried to revert back to what he has seen work for us. Lennon, Mirallas etc. There's nothing wrong with that and it may well grind us out some results hopefully but he needs to find a way to integrate newer players even if it's just one a game. You have to find room in the side for Siggurddson (who we know is a good player) more often to find some form. You also have to start giving Sandro some opportunity somewhere given how impotent we look.

Massively fucked up today for me. Seemed like he was making a point and it backfired.

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