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Author Topic: Ratings vs Burnley  (Read 2115 times)

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Re: Ratings vs Burnley
« on: October 02, 2017, 03:02:34 AM »
Saw two sides of Baines today; one who played it safe and the other at the end who actually took on players when he thought there's actually nothing to lose. I wish we saw more of the latter.

Anyways a lot of times today we saw Baines, Martina and Morgan just raising their arms in frustration before passing it back because there was absolutely no one to pass to. Our midfield is just woeful and has no movement. I understand that Rooney doesn't hold his position but he at least fucking shows up to receive the ball, today the defensive players were just too isolated from the attacking front.
Our movement is awful. No one wants the ball and I agree, despite it being annoying that he is all over the place, at least Rooney is always providing an option to the man on the ball.

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