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Author Topic: Should we sack Steve Walsh?  (Read 53818 times)

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Re: Should we sack Steve Walsh?
« on: October 02, 2017, 03:26:45 AM »
If we are saying the players brought in are largely his responsibility are we saying these signings are poor because I am not having that really. Aside from Williams (who no one could have guessed would be this shit) and Martina who is an obvious stop gap I don't think any of the signings are poor they are performing poorly. The only criticism at Walsh's door for me right now is where the hell a striker is.

I don't think his role is all encompassing as we imagine though. Martina, Schneiderlin, Sigurddsson are all out and out Koeman signings for a start. Is our scouting network failing as well? Who is responsible for the youth signings as Onyekuru is looking like a find for a start.

I don't think it's a tangible role for us as fans to figure out whereas you can actually see the impact or not of Koeman on the pitch

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