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Author Topic: Should we sack Steve Walsh?  (Read 77903 times)

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Re: Should we sack Steve Walsh?
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always and every time for has survived without these people for over 100 years

Professional football evolves and the mandate of certain roles can change quite a bit.

Before WW2 many team selections were picked by the board of directors and a manager was usually just a coach who would organise training.

Then managers had in general more control of football affairs and some of the younger ones could even still operate as players like our very own Kendall at the very beginning of his first managerial spell.

But now in this era it seems imprudent to give too much control to a manager like we did with Moyes and Martinez, the moment they leave or are sacked then that vision they've tried to implement goes with them. If clubs go through on average a manager every 2 years then you see a problem with trying to provide continuity.

A director of football should be able to help formulate a long term vision for the footballing side of the club and help implement it while letting the manager get on with the job of training the players and achieving results on the pitch. The DoF can concentrate on the admin or business side more like negotiating player contracts or transfers and perhaps any upgrade to existing football facilities. We let Martinez have a lot of say in Finch Farm because the club bought into his vision but 18 months later we've got a manager whose philosophy is the polar opposite.

The big problem for Everton though is the implementation of this new structure and I don't think the club has sussed out at all how this DoF role should actually work.
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