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Author Topic: [News]Moshiri backs bumbling Koeman  (Read 7331 times)

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Re: [News]Moshiri backs bumbling Koeman
« on: October 04, 2017, 05:46:47 PM »
Cannot help the cost of players

People on this forum think that Sigurdsson is not worth 45m

Koeman may well have thought that, too

Keane's form, so far, has been underwhelming - his own doing or Koeman's?

I'd be very surprised if any other Southampton manager overhauls Koeman's two PL seasons there - especially in succession


But his career has always peaked and troughed. Success in Holland followed by failure at a high profile and demanding club in Valencia. Success for Southampton followed by challenging times at a higher profile and demanding club in Everton.
His two peaks at Soton coincided with our lows under Martinez, he'd have finished under us if we'd reverted to our average form and league positions.
The point is he was never a serious upgrade for where we wanted to be. He was a big named stopgap who was probably only ever going to consolidate 7th for us and no more really. He's not innovative or charismatic or loyal, all of which were known before his appointment.

In my opinion he was a vanity appointment by an owner who wanted to make a statement by appointing an ex-legend of the game, without doing serious due diligence on whether he was the right fit for the foreseeable future.

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