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Author Topic: Optimistic or Pessimistic Blue?  (Read 2401 times)

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Re: Optimistic or Pessimistic Blue?
« on: October 03, 2017, 04:24:08 AM »
Always tried to be optimistic over the past few years but I'm tired and worn out now. I don't believe my own bullshit anymore. To many false dawns takes it out of me and I miss scenes of rejoicing Evertonians.
I think we'll waste another couple of years with Koeman before signing another disappointment  and hopefully, meantime, we won't get relegated. Really need us to get things right again as we did in the eighties as I hardly even think about upcoming games until kickoff.
Mustn't grumble though!
He's been devastingly underwhelming at goodison and seems to have developed a belief he can run straight through solid objects.
(Sunderland fan's fume at possible signing of McGeady on loan)

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