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Author Topic: Optimistic or Pessimistic Blue?  (Read 3346 times)

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Re: Optimistic or Pessimistic Blue?
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I've been poisoned.

Growing up as a child when you think you're invincible and life will go on like one endless summer holiday and anything is possible and football is the greatest thing in the world and your football team is the best in the world.

Well that time for me was the 80's. Too young to remeber the early 80's much but 84/85 was my first season ticket with my dad and at the age of 8 I thought the success and the football and the players and me and my dad would last forever.

The poison of that success ravaged my body and soul and I was never the same again.

Any time we get anything like a sniff of anything good I am like a junkie. Yes, yes, this is it! This is it! One more hit of the Golden Years!

And for a moment I can almost remember the feel of those Golden Blues hazy 80's days...

Now, like Pookie, starving and craving the rush it takes very little to get me optimistic that the next big hit is around the corner. Even signing a player I've never heard of and never seen from some European minnow league can get me going again - he might be the next Trevor Steven, Peter Reid, Kevin Sheedy, Neville Southall, Paul Bracewell, Andy Gray, Kevin Ratcliffe, Graeme Sharp...


It never is.

So am I optimistic? I am. Or at least I exhibit signs of optimisim, but take me to the soul doctor and he or she would recognise the signs. This lad's not optimistic - he's been poisoned by success at an early age when life and laughter had no end and anything was possible.

Chances of recovery?  Less than zero.

fixed..need to watch NewjackCity again..  thank you for the memories!
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