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Author Topic: Who do you want?  (Read 12671 times)

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Re: Who do you want?
« on: October 05, 2017, 05:34:44 AM »
Fuck it if Unsworth gets a chance he gets a chance, and I'm very glad we're doing well at U23, but we are spending a lot of money there and we are currently enjoying our so called 'golden generation'  - I mean, how many u23 teams have a 6m cb?

For me I just don't think he's done enough in his career so far and Realist makes a good point - ok if unsworth has nothing at all to do with the fact he's an ex player and a sound fella, I assume you'd all be fine hiring some random U23 manager from somewhere else? Would you fuck.

but that's fine I get it, unsworth is someone the club should be quite proud of, I know I am - I'd just rather a manager who has experience and pedigree, but if it worked it would be a phenomenal story.
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