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Author Topic: Who do you want?  (Read 11509 times)

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Re: Who do you want?
« on: October 05, 2017, 06:55:07 AM »
Look at Rafa's CV. He may be at Newcastle, and he may have been in the Championship last season but he has undeniable pedigree. He's won things everywhere he's been. I'd happily see him as our manager.

Isn't our aim to break the top 6?

Benitez got sacked after six months at Inter.
He came to Chelsea with them four points off the title, they ended up 14 points (around that figure) off the title.
He took over Napoli after them finishing 2nd. In his two seasons, they finished 3rd and then 5th.
He was hilariously out of his depth at Real Madrid.
He failed to beat Sunderland, Norwich and Aston Villa in his months at Newcastle and got them relegated.

That's without going into the gross amount of money he spent at those clubs and the dire football to go with it.
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