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Re: Koeman left
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As if anything written here by fans or anywhere else is likely to dislodge a manager!! Anyone who imagines that is deluded. Decisions are made at board level driven by results, league position and sometimes to a much lesser degree, angry crowd reaction over a period.  How many times has it to be said that very few managers "buy-in" to their club. Wenger is probably the only current one, maybe the kraut across the park. The rest are interested in something else altogether, and what comes after that. Koeman should not be criticised for "not buying in" to the club. He is not a fan any more or less than other managers are.    His reputation, and therefore his next job  is what counts for him, nothing else. Get used to it, and when he leaves sooner or later, we are on to the next man, to criticise over his lack of English, poor attitude, arrogance, thickness etc.  No one that counts at the club reads what we write or any other fans forum, least of all the managers.

why are you even on this forum, when you keep saying whats the point of talking about this topic ( seems like to be your favorite line, whats the point of talking about this')
Well Mr 1952, this is  a forum. the topics are there to be discussed, we know  the managers dont read this shit, but FANS do.
you know.. we have like 39,000 fans at home games., that literally see what Koeman cant, and if they boo loud enough there say will influence the decision making of the board.

ALSO, Martinez bought into the Everton Ethos, hence why he was given more time by the fans, he was in  'love' with the club. same goes for Moyes.. 1 manager out of 3 for Everton.

your point(s) is/are invalid.
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