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Author Topic: Is Pickford one of the issues?  (Read 4970 times)

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Re: Is Pickford one of the issues?
« on: October 05, 2017, 10:15:28 PM »
lol at the Giroud shouts, he will be here for  6months then his legs would be gone, so many many better players than an aging arsenal reserve.
he looks so disinterested this season, even tho he chose to stay., glad we didnt get him, his lackadaisical attitude would piss me off// if you guys thought ~Lukaku was lazy, Giroud is another level of not giving a fuck.

just watch him play!!

And to think some people are wanting to throw 40m at Arsenal to get him 😂 They'd be crying a few weeks after he arrived about what a bad buy he is

He's not that prolific in a team which creates a lot of chances. I'd be horrified if we spent anything like that money on him

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