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Author Topic: [News]Rumours that Koeman will quit Everton  (Read 5560 times)

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Re: [News]Rumours that Koeman will quit Everton
« on: October 07, 2017, 12:53:07 AM »
It is.

Who are these "star" players?
Not one would get into the starting 11 of the "Top 6" so recruitment has remained at a similar quality level,  just more bodies brought in.

No it’s really not.

In his time with us Martinez bought 3 “stars”, players who cost Everton a lot of money that most others in the league could afford. They were McCarthy, Lukaku and Niasse. Now you mightn’t think they were worth the money but the fact isn’t he was backed to get these players above the levels most other clubs in the league couldn’t affford. Of course he had other buys but they weren’t in anyway out of the reach of others and just run of the mill punts they could have all taken, even the newly promoted teams.

Koeman like I said has received that backing and then some with 8 “star” recruits in his relatively short time here, plus others. There’s a massive difference between the budgets the two have been given and this is ignoring the wages that come with these recruits that again only a handful of top clubs can match or better.
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