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Author Topic: Brighton v Everton  (Read 27132 times)

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Re: Brighton v Everton
« on: October 15, 2017, 09:30:29 PM »
I want him gone.

It shouldn't matter that we got the draw. 0-0 wasn't good enough. Getting what was a fortunate penalty to score an actual goal isn't good enough.

Very few positives right now.

I'm not sticking up for koeman but how is it a fortunate penalty.  You're not gonna see a more blatant one all season.

I'm swaying towards the majority with the koeman out shouts but this forum (Not you) has go e proper negative about everything. It's miserable.

I saw koeman get slated for not showing passion on the sideline. Last season he was probably praised for not being an over the top cheer leading cunt like him across the park. When things are going your way everything you do is spot on. When they don't everything you do is shit. There's no middle ground with football fans is there haha

Yes got to go though he's shit hahah

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