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Re: Ashley Williams
« on: October 10, 2017, 10:52:20 PM »

I've only seen Williams play well for Wales.. he had some heroic performances for them, but im basing that mostly off of the Euros, as i didnt watch much Wales or Swansea before that, i did feel his age would be an issue.

In regards to trasnfers, Walsh has bought/looked for young players, who have come into the under 23 setup or gone out on loan.. for that i cant fault him. Regardles Koeman wanted certain players Giroud, Martina, Siggy, Schneiderlin.. those are players Koeman should be able to mold and use, or atleast work with to improve.
I like what Walsh has done, i dont like what Koeman has done. (he needs to utalize the players who where on form and playing well last year, in there correct positions, or give players with some heart, who look like they go out and enjoy the game.. thats mostly youngsters, the older heads look like they have no confidence and whatever Koeman has tried with them, hasnt worked at all)

Yeah he had a good tournament for Wales but most of them did didnít they? It didnít make him good enough for us and where we want to get to. It was terrible management to sell the most highly rated young English centrehalf in the league for a lot of money and replace him with a 31 year old whoís never been near the top of the game and always been part of porous defences. Especially as we already had a superior experienced defender here on the books. We should have looked for someone in their mid twenties reaching their peak who had the potential to make that step up here.

The general squad building probably deserves its own thread though but it does look like two influential people working at crossed purposes.
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