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Author Topic: Age Profile of the Everton Squad  (Read 2905 times)

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Age Profile of the Everton Squad
« on: October 13, 2017, 01:43:09 AM »
I recently saw this graphic summarizing trends in the age profile of our squad:

Full article here:

Two interesting things:

(1) Look at all of the playing time given to peak-age players in our best seasons. (A lot, which is good.)
(2) Look at the playing time given to peak-age players in the most recent seasons. (Less than the 30+ year olds. Woof.)

I think this highlights what an awful job we've done with the squad since the final years of Moyes' tenure. It was one thing for Moyes to squeeze every last bit out of those players (he earned the right to do this for a couple of years after carefully assembling them) but our subsequent managers have tried to do the same with mixed results (and I think that's being kind). Think about how long we relied on the likes of Distin, Howard, Pienaar, Jagielka, Baines, and [not a Moyes player but still] Barry without ever really lining up proper replacements. This is partly Martinez's fault but it also raises some red flags w/r/t our recruitment under Koeman/Walsh:

Williams (bought at age 31, likely to decline)
Bolasie (bought at age 27, likely to give 2 peak seasons)
Schneiderlin (bought at 27, likely to give 2 peak seasons)
Sigurdsson (bought at 27, likely to give 2 peak seasons)
Rooney (bought at age 31, likely to decline)

You can make one or two of those deals but it's irresponsible to do all of them, especially Williams (with his most likely partner being 34 already) and Sigurdsson (given the price and the fact that we had already signed Klaassen and Rooney). We aimed for the sweet spot with a few signings this summer (Klaassen, Pickford, Keane are all early peak or about to enter peak) and we have no shortage of young attackers with potential (even though Koeman hates most of them) but there seems to be a general lack of planning around transfers. (And that's before we consider that a lot of the players we bought don't look like they belong on the pitch together.)

We can complain all we like about tactics and the manager (who's probably had a hand in at least some of this) but our transfer policy is what's going to kill us long-term. Walsh needs to sort it the fuck out or Moshiri needs to hire someone who can.
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