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Author Topic: Age Profile of the Everton Squad  (Read 2934 times)

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Re: Age Profile of the Everton Squad
« on: October 13, 2017, 05:26:22 AM »
im on about this season, Rooney and Sandro started many of them at the start of the season, its only the last 6 or so games that he has been a reg starter. well he has started 4 prem games this season.

I recall at the start of the season, he wasnt being played, it was only after the third or so game. (besides man city) that he started. Sandro and Rooney where the preferred choice. As i said took him a bit of time to be a starter this season. even tho most of the fans saw that he was offering more than Rooney and Sandro. go back and check the match day threads.

Took him a bit of time? You're talking straight out of your arse hole. He started 4 of our first 6 competitive games.

Here's the full list anyway...

Started against Ruzomberok
Started against Stoke
Started against Split away
Started against City
Started against Atalanta away
Started against Sunderland
Started against Bournemouth
Started against Burnley

Played a full 45 against Spurs also.

Has come on in most, if not all, of the other games we've played so far that he didn't start. I can't be arsed going into the detail.

Think it's you that needs to go back and check the matchday threads tbh because you are quite clearly very wrong.
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