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Author Topic: Age Profile of the Everton Squad  (Read 2730 times)

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Re: Age Profile of the Everton Squad
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i guess you dont recall Koeman going all out for Siggy, or even seen the interviews? or going out for Martina? I guess you know Martina was a Walsh buy?  anyway, i'm not going to argue over the interviews i've seen and read.

Koeman stared many times, he wanted older players who have played in the premier league, so they can hit the ground running.. but yeah as brap said to me. re write history trololo

Theres a few things here, yes Koeman did go on about Sigurdson and hes previously mentioned Martina as cover as he was free, however, the role of the Director of Football is to give stability and oversight ensuring when the manager leaves we have a strategic plan to move forward with little or no disruption, he looks beyond the here and now. Also, as previously stated by Koeman, Walsh is very much in charge of transfers. I have no doubt they discuss and debate who should be bought it but you're inferring that Walsh is pretty spineless and incompetent as hes letting Koeman sign who he wants regardless, which you may have a point considering we signed 3 number 10s whilst having another on our books but the point im making is that a DoF shouldn't be letting this happen, unless they both agree on the vision?

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