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Author Topic: Koeman linked with Everton exit  (Read 7225 times)

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Re: Koeman linked with Everton exit
« on: October 16, 2017, 06:26:16 PM »
This is why i think all the criticism of Koeman is a bit over the top, he has to take some responsibility but it was almost suicide what the board did to him. Sacking Koeman wont change results as the players arent there to score goals, im afraid to say it, but my view is were going to have to buckle our seat belts cause weve got a bumpy few months until January comes, although even then I dont see any decent striker wanting to come?

I did think this way until a few weeks ago, but he's not shown anything at all in terms of digging in and gettings results, or even sticking to a philosophy which is give him points for.

Looks like a mess on and off the pitch atm, and striker or tough fixtures or not he has to be held responsible.
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