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Author Topic: Everton linked with 30 million Carvalho bid.  (Read 2476 times)

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Re: Everton linked with 30 million Carvalho bid.
« on: October 15, 2017, 05:34:13 AM »
Think he's very overrated and we need a left back, a right back, a genuine centre half, a play maker, couple of wingers and a couple of forwards before we need another defensive midfielder. 9th on the list of positions. He'd be a ridiculous signing imo. Though probably not an overly surprising 1

Yeah I do think we've got a long list of players, but the system we're playing at the moment one of our biggest problems is that we're lacking a real passer in CM/DM.

Morgans drop in form is hurting us, and we've got no Barry to make it up, plus Ross is a really good passer from the middle regardless of what people think.

My priority list would be ;

1. Genuine striker - giroud?
2. Pacey attacker - Zaha, Promes?
3. Left-sided Def - Lemos?
4. Passing Midfielder - Cavalho, Paredes, Torreira?
5. Proper full back cover - Tierney, Cresswell
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