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Author Topic: [News]Hapless Koeman MUST go  (Read 13882 times)

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Re: [News]Hapless Koeman MUST go
« on: October 16, 2017, 02:50:13 AM »
But we are not and have never been for many years a team which wins trophies. Apart from Leicester the big boys win the most domestic trophies and they always will because they have most of the best players. We could conceivably emulate Spurs, and arrive in the top 4 (no trophies though) but  that would take years and years. The kraut next door is being hung up to dry because they have not won trophies. I would settle for the football the shite play but without any trophies.

they're all bluster though and if teams don't crap it when they get run at then Liverpool fail.  If a team then goes on to actually have the audacity to attack Liverpool then they fall apart.

they get by because some teams (like we will) absolutely cack it and get over run.

with the money he had (or Walsh, whoever we are told does the transfers) then we should have done better this summer, which in turn should have pushed us into a place where winning the League Cup or the Europa League shouldn't be beyond the realms of possibility.  If we believe he was let down with his targets then he should have named back ups.  We spent too long (and too much) on Sigurdsson, who we are to believe was his main target, and we spent too much on Klaassen who was one of his priorities too.  70m on those two which could have been much better spent.  He named the targets, we got them - eventually.

the winning trophies thing wasn't the only thing that would make his utter distain for supporters palatable though.  "progress" might actually win him a few friends.  Hell, it might even shut whingers like me up for a bit.  But we've regressed under Koeman.  We won't finish top half if he is still manager in May, and then he'll leave anyway.  Cut the rope now and we have a chance.

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