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Author Topic: Everton V Lyon  (Read 57376 times)

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Re: Everton V Lyon
« on: October 20, 2017, 04:08:44 AM »
Just saw the second half.

I think we would have made Allardyce proud of route A football. We just played long balls all along and our best chances came through free kicks.

We lost out it in the middle. Our players couldn't control simple balls there. Sig, Davies, DCL etc. just couldn't hold the ball in the middle of the park under decent pressure.

When we go down and the other team is just sticking to our players, we just don't have the players to take on the opposition and create a moment of magic nor do we have movement off the ball.

In short we are a team with zero imagination, creativity or movement and we are a boring boring side to watch.

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