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Re: deulefeu
« on: October 19, 2017, 07:03:21 PM »
Deulofeu wont be there for long mate please don't try and blend it that he's good enough. If he is then it's a sign of how far Barca are talking.

Re Vlasic : I mean he was a central player at split, for whatever reason we've been playing him wide.

I agree with the both points bud,

just that bluenose poster stating that the player dies after 25 mins, is a  bit bitter.. yes he had stamina issues, but it wasnt every match, he got into a good run of games a few times, i know he was taken off a lot.. but to be negative on him cos he left/plays for barca is bitter..

Vlasic is a number 10/cm i agree. just dont get who he will drop to accommodate another number 10, i dont see him being a central midfielder, he doesnt have that presence.. number 10 is all i can see for him.. :s so Rooney will be the central striker/false 9, with Vlasic and Siggy behind.. thats why we struggle.. no striker and the only one we have who is a 9, hardly every played in his main position.
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