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Re: deulefeu
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I agree with the both points bud,

just that bluenose poster stating that the player dies after 25 mins, is a  bit bitter.. yes he had stamina issues, but it wasnt every match, he got into a good run of games a few times, i know he was taken off a lot.. but to be negative on him cos he left/plays for barca is bitter..

Vlasic is a number 10/cm i agree. just dont get who he will drop to accommodate another number 10, i dont see him being a central midfielder, he doesnt have that presence.. number 10 is all i can see for him.. :s so Rooney will be the central striker/false 9, with Vlasic and Siggy behind.. thats why we struggle.. no striker and the only one we have who is a 9, hardly every played in his main position.

I'm not bitter at all about Deulofeu.  He had talent but was never going to make it here with such poor fitness levels.

Gave us a few good moments but wasn't too fussed when he left.

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