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Author Topic: your favourite season.  (Read 2490 times)

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Re: your favourite season.
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I wish I could say 84/85 season - unfortunately I wasn't even born and I didn't really start following Everton religiously until around about Moyes' first full season in charge of Everton (2002/3 if I remember correctly?)

Best season I can remember was 2013/4 during Martinez's first full season. He had tactics pretty much spot on, we were defensively pretty solid but attacking wise we were really good and it was just a joy to watch us: Doing the double against Man Utd, destroying Arsenal, good hard fought 1-0 win against Chelsea with a great debut from Gareth Barry, the emergence of Ross Barkley, John Stones and Romelu Lukaku, 7 game winning run. It's a pity that despite finishing with 72pts, there were 4 teams who had done better than us, if it had been any other season, that would have been enough for a top 4 finish, in fact 2 seasons ago that tally was enough for a 2nd place finish.

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