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Author Topic: DCL - kidding ourselves  (Read 34122 times)

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Re: DCL - kidding ourselves
« on: October 20, 2017, 01:56:36 PM »
He's being asked to do way to much for a young lad ffs give the lad a break ... he's showed more than half the fucking team at times being played out of position ...he's a twenty mins at the end when everyone's knackered player at the min leading the line for a shit team with no tactics and an inept manager .
This thread Sounds like a touch of jelousy .😅😅

I agree, hes being put in situations that he shouldnt be. Its the failings of the board, I feel sorry for him tbh, hes doing his best with little experience at this level and here we are with some criticism him. I bet if people asked him if he thought he was ready for this he'd say no, but we have limited options so cut him some slack

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