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Author Topic: DCL - kidding ourselves  (Read 34410 times)

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Re: DCL - kidding ourselves
« on: October 20, 2017, 10:06:09 PM »
And plenty great strikers were way behind too.

For sure. I'm just pointing it out. Feels a bit from some on here that it's unacceptable to raise the possibility that DCL might not turn out to be all that good. Fact is his profile is high as he's had an unexpected, rapid progression to the first team and scored an important goal for England under 20s, but in terms of what we're actually seeing on the pitch it's nothing (in my opinion) to get excited about... and that very well may change and I hope it does. But right now the mere fact that he's playing and doing *some* things to a competent standard is not in of itself a reason to get excited. If he was doing what players like Lukaku, Owen, Rashford, Barmby, Anelka, Rooney were doing when they were 20, then yeah let's get excited. But he's not.

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