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Author Topic: DCL - kidding ourselves  (Read 30554 times)

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Re: DCL - kidding ourselves
« on: October 23, 2017, 06:52:43 AM »
Because you care enough to post it. Over and over again. So clearly this is something of utmost importance to you. And therefore I think it would be rude to just ignore something that you're clearly so passionate about.

Forgetting the above.

Ideally DCL would be getting sporadic game time as a sub during a decent amount of games this season. At least thatís where Iíd put his development and the amount of responsibility we should be giving him. Probably Sandro too for that matter.

Would you see his best use as anything other than that?

Now thatís not the luxury we have of course, but say we signed Giroud nobody would keep DCL as our starting CF would we? At least for most games.

There seems to be some weird arguments floating around. Heís got potential to be a good PL striker but there can be a distinction that he might not be what we need in this particular moment in a struggling side.

Surely most people would want us to bring in a striker day one of the January window opening?

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