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Author Topic: [News]Koeman: If the board don’t think I am the right man they will tell me  (Read 5161 times)

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Roberto said all the right things so us fans fell for him straight away, we were great in his first season so the bond between him and us grew stronger, again he kept saying all the right things, it was only when things started going shite that some fans started to turn on him then his constant bizarre press conference speeches turned us all against him

Koeman has never had the same respect and love from the Everton fans, he never refers to us as "us" its always Everton, the hatred for him now from many fans is a lot worse than it was under Martinez

to be fair it wasn't just words, he meant them - he genuinely bought into Everton

inviting Howard Kendall to Finch Farm for the first time (it was opened in 2007) was a big thing towards showing that.

he's spoken recently about his time with Everton and even though you'd expect some vitriol or some regrets, he just wishes it had been better. 

buying into the history and ethos of any employer in any line of management is important, not just football

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