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Author Topic: Ronald Koeman Appreciation Thread  (Read 5692 times)

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Re: Ronald Koeman Appreciation Thread
« on: October 21, 2017, 04:56:30 AM »
Can't say I'm that taken by him, he certainly doesn't engage that well with fans but that's not really something that's important to me. As long as a manager is getting results on the pitch I'm not too bothered what they're like away from it, a connection to the fans and club is an added bonus but right now Koeman's getting neither.

I wouldn't be surprised or too disappointed if he was sacked but I'd rather he turned things around and we got sorted out. A new manager brings all sorts of upheaval, especially if it's someone like Unsworth as a temp until the end of the season. All that means is we don't move forward until the end of the season and can't really plan anything until we know who's going to be the new manager and even if it was Unsworth I can't see him, BK, Moshiri and Elstone having the pulling power for the level of player we'd want.

Even if we appoint a new permanent manager it will bring a lot of upheaval, he'll want his own players in, there will be others here that he won't want so it'll mean another squad overhaul and potentially another 2 or 3 transfer windows to get to that stage. What happens if the next guy ends up where we are now after 18 months?

Probably a bit 'sitting on the fence' there but in short I'd rather he sorted and we have some success as soon as possible but if he sacked then so be it and I can totally see the reasons why, I just hope it doesn't set us back another couple of years.

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