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Re: Player ratings v Lyon
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Pickford 7: Great saves, kicking was more like we expect as well, although his right leg is about as useful as Beckham's left.

Holgate 5: Terrible rush of blood foul for the pen, trying to atone for losing the ball. Easily his least composed defensive performance all season. Really tried going forward in the 2nd half, though.

Martina 4: He is positionally naive, and that leaves us in danger whenever he plays.

Keane 5: His worst game so far. Bullied too easily last night, and outclassed throughout.

Williams 6.5: Best game since his Man City display, but still could and probably should have been sent-off.

Schneiderlin 6.5: Best game all season, but still hardly making us tick; we looked better when he wasn't on the field.

Davies 7: Gave the ball away a fair amount, but was still looking to move the ball forward and probe, even in that insipid 1st half. Always gives us energy.

Klaassen 4: Insipid and ineffective. He was even sloppy in possession, which takes some doing when you only really play it safe when you aren't hiding from the ball.

Mirallas 6.5: He was much better than he has been, looking to get in the box, but he still finds it hard to beat a man or give us any width.

Vlasic 7: Big positive. Strong, industrious, forward-thinking, with good feet. A more positive, tactically enterprising coach could get loads out of this lad; maybe Spurs awaits for him, Lookman, and Barkley.

Calvert-Lewin 6: Battled manfully, but still starved of real service. He would do well in a positive, confident side.

Sigurdsson 7: I'm not his biggest fan, but his two free-kicks deserve 7 out of 10 on their own.

Lookman 7: Really tried, good pace and feet, wanted to, and nearly did make a big difference. He really doesn't fit into a Koeman team, though.

Sandro 6: I thought he did alright actually. Movement looked better, got involved up the pitch. His mix-up with Martina was due to Martina standing static with the ball awaiting a challenge 😂

Love the commentary, even if the Keane score is way too generous!  :D
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