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Re: Moyes Return Linked
« on: October 23, 2017, 09:33:16 AM »
Leave him to reminisce about steadying the ship, like he was the fucking chosen one!  If it wasn't him, it'd have been someone else, maybe someone with a set of actual balls.  We'll never know, but still...

Moyes, those who left him in charge for that stupid number of years, and some the stupid signings he made - Fuckoff Neville, I'm looking at you, you bad tit - made us cozy, warm, little, overachieving Everton, bringing knives to gunfights.

That is all.

Don't want Moyes back. But we've since become 'laughable, underachieving Everton' with average finishes on par with Moyes's.

That despite Moyes inheriting a dogshit squad and having a zero net spend during his decade+ here while other clubs were splurging like drunken sailors. Yet he got us fourth one season and made us a tough team no one wanted to play against and also brought in a lot of players for bargain prices who had good long runs with the club. He set up the club for long-term sustainability and, with a little cash, could have had us in the CL. You could be proud of the team then.

The two buffoons since inherited a pretty good side from Moyes and have spent a lot of money and brought in almost no good players. And put us in a position where we better get a very good manager and transfer market operator in here soon or we'll likely be looking at relegation battles for years to come.

You may scoff at the old 'plucky little Everton label' and the supposedly modest achievement of 'righting the ship.' But the ship was sinking toward relegation when Moyes showed up. He gave us an admirable identity one could be proud, if not overly entertained, to support.. As opposed to the  "League One side Everton" identity that seemed to be in the cards then with Kenwright as owner.
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Everton forever.

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