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Author Topic: Who should we go for? POLL RESET  (Read 200432 times)

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Re: Who should we go for?
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I think Carlo's chasing the big pay day.. and who can blame him as he's been to the top. That's why I wouldn't want him. What's he got to chase with us? He's managed the top, top clubs so would also demand the budget, which we may not have. As for Tuchel. He's a gamble I feel but he does seem interested but he's also out of work.  For now I'd stick with Unsy and see what he can do.
I agree, don't see him interested in coming to us. I also don't think he is the right fit for us at the moment. In the state that we are in, without a football identity and with a lot of new players that still need to be bedded in, we need a manager who can build a team. Ancelotti hasn't done that since his Milan days and with rumours coming out of Bayern that the players wanted more intense training, you wonder if he has the energy or motivation to do so.

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