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Author Topic: Who should we go for?  (Read 100795 times)

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Re: Who should we go for?
« on: October 27, 2017, 12:01:31 AM »
Ancelotti and mourinho are the 2 foriegners that have been a major succes, wenger to a certain degree, but look at the squads they had and inherited. The city managers were binned after a title each. This guy at watford is learnin the prem all the time, if it doesnt work out for unsy then i would go for him in the summer

Poch, Ranieri, Benitez. There's probably others I'm forgetting.

Name some English managers who've done really well, apart from the cloggers who keep teams up until their own fans eventually grow to despise them because they can't bear to watch horrendous football and Gareth McCauley being the top scorer at the club.
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