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Author Topic: Who should we go for? POLL RESET  (Read 159024 times)

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Re: Who should we go for?
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I think its because our game has went so 'continental' with so many foreign players brought in from the 90's on  we have very few top British managers and it's is probably down to the fact they are not being given a chance at clubs too.  Ferguson was the last really successful manager but he had been there since the mid 80's and was given a chance.  I just have to look at the current English manager and think if he is the top man for the job it just shows how poor the choices are as I wouldn't have him anywhere near Everton never mind attemping to win a national trophy.

Kenwright was saying that all our successful manager have been ex blues and I totally get that but times have massively changed.  Thats like saying all our top players/goal scorers/ record buys have all been British players but that hasnt been the case for a long time.  Im not saying we must have a foreign coach I just think that British coaches aren't getting the chances they deserve but is that for a reason.  Yes they cant all be bad but not one English manager has won the Premiership and with the current top teams and their managers I cant see that trend changing for a long time.

Many saw Giggs being 'groomed' for the United job serving along with Moyes and van Gaal but they opted for the bigger name to try and bring them success, a bit like Guardiola and Conte.  In a way I would rather Unsy cut his teeth at a lower division club and got into proper first team action, a bit like Scholes was talked about going to Oldham to do.  I just think in the situation we are in it might be a bit too big for Unsy with just a couple of seasons of the under 23's under his belt.  Im not saying he wont do it for us in the future I would just like him to be our number 2 for a few seasons to gain a bit of experience around the first team and then perhaps move into the top job.

I don't want to sound defeatist but at the beginning it is usually good as its fresh, its a change and the players react however after a couple of months it does tend to become stale.  Im just a bit worried in the difference of playing young players who want to play and progress in the reserves to the first team than big name pros earning big dosh who may have an attitude problem. I just am afraid that we give Unsy the job and realise in a few months it is too big for him and come the end of the season we are in a situaution where disgruntled fans are calling for him to get the chop.

Say in Jan we are willing to spend 30/40 million to get a striker,  with the greatest of respect would a top striker looking at our present situation and Unsy as manager look at us and think there is a team going forward or if we had the likes of an Ancelotti/Tuchel/Silva (even Benizez) Im sure its a different scenario as they would see us as ambitious and a club moving in the right direction.

I just hope we make the right choice

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