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Author Topic: Who should we go for? POLL RESET  (Read 199976 times)

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Re: Who should we go for?
« on: October 30, 2017, 12:00:31 PM »
We’re only 1 game on in the league from when we sacked Koeman so I wouldn’t have thought a manager would be so short sighted as to think that because we lost that game it’s now not worth coming.

Agree with most of what you said, but this. Managers looking from the outside in aren't going to be looking at one game. We've been like this for 15 or so. It's obvious that our squad is fundamentally flawed, and is a back room problem right from the start and not a managerial problem. No striker, no pace, and a bad defence.

Again, what manager in their right mind would want to commit to this? Silva has already basically laughed it off.
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