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Author Topic: Who should we go for? POLL RESET  (Read 221695 times)

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Re: Who should we go for?
« on: March 23, 2018, 12:53:27 AM »
Little did I think when I created this poll that a few months later we could be in the same predicament and wishing for a new manager with the man being picked to lead us to greater things being Sam Fucking Allardyce.  Our main target was unsettled and then sacked at Watford mid season with no one else with any standing appear to be interested.

We need a massive overhaul and I think that starts at boardroom to Director of Football to manager and obviously players.  We don't want to get into being a sacking club but this oaf will clearly never move us forward and if he is here next season it is just going to be another complete borefest finishing mid table.  His replacement has to be the right man to move us in the right direction and is going to have to be a very important appointment.

I don't care what anyone says but we do have some decent players and there is no way in my opinion that they aren't all good enough or not going to get up to the speed of the Prem.  Tosun was written off after a couple of matches by some, Klaasen was Ajax captain and was deemed by many as a good sensible goal scoring midfielder, Keane's performance for Burnley earned him England recognition last year (although Southgate is giving caps out like smarties). Many of our current squad like Schneiderlin have been well of the pace despite many calling him a rolls royce of a player for his performances last Jan to May.  These guys have not become bad players overnight. 

I know obviously we are not the finished article and need players in certain positions to beef us up and make us more competitive to try and reach the dizzying heights of 6th but we have a squad most teams in  the bottom half would give their right arm for yet we are only a couple of points into the top half and struggling especially away from home.  Older players need to be replaced but we also need to make sure we don't push away talents that we might already have in Lookman and Vlasic.

This summer could be a pivotal one for us and if anyone thinks Sam Allardyce is the right man for the job to bring us closer to the top 6 are not right in the head.  He got his big pay day and kept us up (because lets face it people were bricking it for a while when Unsworth was in charge) so please just walk in the Summer with and retire with a bit of respect.

We have to take a bit of a risk, push the boat out and go for someone who is going to shake things up a bit and have a hunger for the job.  Not try and steal another Premier League manager because they have done a decent job because apart from Pochettino I cant think of any manager that has went from one Premier League Club to another that has done anything decent.

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