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Author Topic: Who should we go for? POLL RESET  (Read 223147 times)

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Re: Who should we go for? POLL RESET
« on: May 22, 2018, 06:21:12 AM »
Imo if pep says the mans going to be a good manager and he is a good number 2 then frankly itís worth a squirt.

The upside is you get the next pep. The downside is he flops. I donít mind taking a risk tbh. The fact heís an ex player and a cool continental guy probably does make it more attractive to me, youíre a liar if you think it doesnít to you.

Emery...dunno you know. A few people were decidedly unhappy with him at PSG. Did very well at Sevilla like but - donít think another top club would have touched him. Would have been worth a go obviously because heíd be better than koeman et al. But I can deffo still get behind the silva train.

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