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Author Topic: Chelsea v Everton Carabao Cup  (Read 35830 times)

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Re: Chelsea v Everton Carabao Cup
« on: October 25, 2017, 06:07:16 PM »
Yes but Mirallas rarely plays like a winger these days. Very much an inside forward.

He is a good finisher though so I’d guess it’d be more for that.

Also there’s the chance that these two are playing as we’re saving some people for a mustn’t lose game on Sunday.

Agree with the last part though :)

Massively agree with the fact there's people being rested for Sunday and so they should be. But with the way the U23s have been playing the last couple of years, I'd be surprised if DU doesn't try and implement that system. I personally think it will work with the group of players we have.

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